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GTA 5 (also known as: GTA V / Grand Theft Auto V / Grand Theft Auto Five) is the fifth numbered game in the Grand Theft Auto series from developer Rockstar Games. It is the 15th overall title in the iconic Grand Theft Auto franchise. GTA 5 was released on both PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 17, 2013. GTA Online, (also known as GTAO) the multiplayer section of GTA 5, launched on October 1, 2013. GTA 5 was released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with significant changes on Novemebr 18, 2014, and on PC on April 14, 2015. Support for GTA Online continues with frequent incremental updates.
Like previous Grand Theft Auto games (excluding GTA 4), button-based Cheat Codes appear in GTA 5.

Grand Theft Auto Online, a vast multiplayer component, was launched two weeks after GTA 5’s initial release, on October 1st.

A companion app called iFruit was released alongside GTA 5 for iOS, with Android devices getting the app at a later date, which allows players to customize their vehicles and license plates while away from the game.

There are three main Characters in GTA 5: Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. These three characters are criminals from different backgrounds that are forced to work together in a series of heists and other stunts in GTA 5.
GTA Online is a dynamic and persistent online world for sixteen players. The game will let you and friends team up to tackle missions, activities, and ambient events, as well as competing with others in more traditional game modes.

The events of GTA Online take place before the events of GTA 5. Certain characters from the single-player campaign hold a prominent place in the GTA Online story and universe.

GTA Online players create a character and customize their appearance, stats, property and Vehicles. As characters gain experience, their Ranking and Reputation increase.

GTA Online contains an enormous number of interactive activities. Players will be able to take part in a scripted Story Mode, and step in and out at will to engage in interactive and multiplayer encounters.

Players can engage in criminal Jobs with the assistance of other Crew Members. Crews can also join together to play Sports, compete in Races, and hang out.

GTA Online also includes Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes.
Ranking Up

Players in GTA Online will rank up by completing various Jobs. Getting kills while on a mission will also yield small amounts of RP. As players accumulate points, they will begin to level up.

As you level up, players will begin unlocking more customization options available at the different stores found online. New weapons will become available also, allowing you to better outfit yourself for harder missions you may also obtain.

Players will be able to form Crews with other online players. Crews allow members to collaborate on crimes and activities and increase Reputation more efficiently.
Dynamic Events

Dynamic Events will occur across San Andreas in GTA Online. Among these are Crate Drops, supply crates full of wealth which drop from the sky and may be claimed or battled over by passersby. Armored Cars and stores will be available to rob, and some cars may be stolen for cash.

Player Properties can be purchased with online cash. Each player may own a single property at a time, with more expensive properties allowing more Vehicle Storage) and amenities.

GTA Online players may solicit Bounties against one another. Bounties are cash payments offered as reward for the execution of a rival.
ATMs and Cash

GTA Online players will have the opportunity to deposit their cash at ATM machines or from their cell phone, protecting their earnings from theft by other players.

GTA Online will be gradually rolled out, with the first installment available 7:00 AM EST October 1, 2013.
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